Email you pitch or completed articles to and our editors with get back to you with more information. Most articles submitted will be published on both the print and published editions (exceptions apply). Please follow the submission guidelines below.

Submission guidelines:

Article Guidelines

  • Change all symbols to the full word (& to “and”)
  • All quotes should be laid out as such:
    • “This is the quote”– Author’s Name
  • Henceforth we shall use the Americanised version of words (“color”, “realize”, etc.)
  • No superscript for dates/positions (28th to 28th, 1st to 1st)
  • DeviantArt should always be written in full. No “dA”.

Submission Guidelines

  • Articles are to be submitted to the Completed Articles folder on Dropbox.
  • Please format the name of your file or folder as such:
    • Title of Article – Author’s Name
  • Images to go with your article should be supplied separately. If you are submitting images, be sure to create a folder to keep all of you articles files together, following the same naming structure as detailed above.
  • Articles should be submitted as a .doc or .docx for proofing. If you wish to decide how the article is laid out, you can, but you still need to provide all of the images individually, and the .doc/.docx for proofing. The file you supply will be used as a guide as it will need reconstructing in the magazine .pdf.

Image Guidelines

  • As large as possible, with the smallest side at least 1000px. 1200×1000 is okay, 800×1000 is not.
  • Ideally they should be at 300dpi, but it’s okay if they’re not.

Credits: All writers will get a writers account on the online magazine, allowing them to share their social media profiles, bio and email with the readers.

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