Interview with Indonesian Artist Sisca Angreani

Can you tell us about your history of art, and what your inspiration was for becoming an artist? You have a unique art style that sets itself apart from everyone!

Since I was 4, my mom has encouraged me to join art and coloring contests, to be precise. My mom even hired me a private tutor, so maybe that is what triggered me to love drawing and become an artist. If you ask why I keep drawing, that is because I am not good at other subjects than drawing (and too lazy to learn something starting from zero).

I started to learn drawing something like this in elementary school, but I didn’t have any thoughts to have an art-related career until I entered high school. When I joined online, I met a lot of friends with the same hobby. That was the first time I thought I could perhaps become an artist!

Your art style evokes a sense of nostalgia in me, and it reminds me of professional children’s stories. What kinds of emotions would you like to communicate to your followers?

Eh, that is what you feel? Thank you! I mostly want to create something funny, sweet, or heartwarming.

The most common theme I see in your artworks is a theme of innocence. In that way, your works are always calming to gaze in. What other themes do you also like to experiment?

Is that because most of my works are children illustration? Other than children’s illustrations, I like to experiment with sweet romance themes. I do have a particular folder for color reference. I even named the folder ’emotional’, haha.

What is your most treasured work of art? What impact has it had on you?

Probably this one!

It was my college assignment. However, that was the first time I tried to make a cute story and experiment with a new art style. The feedback from the public was also nice, so I was proud of myself. After that, I learned more about children’s illustrations, and that is currently what I focus on.

Tell us about what patience means to you, especially in completing lengthy art projects.

I don’t have patience. I usually get bored and stressed easily if one illustration takes so much time to finish. In a case like that, I will do two or more projects at the same times, and then I will switch.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in the future?

A professional children’s illustrator, hopefully!

What words of inspiration would you give to aspiring artists?

When you Google inspirations or drawings, there will be a lot tips. Some are contrary to each other. I think the best for artists is finding what suits us. No need to follow exactly what people say. Including what I say of course, haha!

Interviewed by Adam Lewis LaValley

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