VO Adapter: A Beautifully Designed Magnetic Plug for All Your Devices

V.O. Adapter - Designn Feature

Simply put it’s a snap-and-play, all-directional, magnetic power adapter that works with any electronic device.

This ingenious design by Murray Wu and Soo Jeong Choe from Western University (Canada) makes powering any device as simple as releasing the device adapter onto the port and letting it take care of itself. When you look at the demo below it almost feels like a product that should have existed all along.

V.O. Adapter - Reforges

I was invited by Wu and Choe to checkout the prototype and discuss their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The first words out of my mouth when I saw it were: “Wow, that’s much smaller than on the videos!” In fact the actual prototype is more compact than it appears on the photographs, making it ultra portable for everyday use. It automatically snaps into place even if you release the adapter at the port from a small distance.

V.O. Adapter - Reforges

The best part is you don’t need to go through the expensive process of switching out power outlets in your home or office, instead you simply plug in the adapter into the wall sockets, and it just works. You could even use it as a more useful alternative to baby-proofing your home. The outlet adapter securely covers any pins and only works when securely connected with its counterpart.

It’s refreshing to see student entrepreneurs using 3D printing technology to rapidly prototype and test their ideas in the market. The product will be launching soon!

It’s about time our plugging systems got an upgrade. Checkout their website at for more details.

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