Designn Magazine Seven: Cover Artist Feature

Designn Magazine Seven Cover Art: Replenished
"Replenished" is a beautiful art piece created by the talented Wes Talbott.

“Replenished” is a beautiful art piece created by the talented Wes Talbott.

Designn Magazine Seven Cover Art: Replenished

“I come from a land called Ohio, where I spent the days of my youth in a small village called Johnstown. As a young lad I discovered that I had an eye for color and shape. When I grew to be a man I set out in search of a place where I could continue to study and improve my skills. I found myself at the doorstep of a wondrous school known as the Columbus College of Art & Design and have remained here for three years time and have learned much. It was here that I discovered a fair maiden whom I have made my betrothed. Now that I am well within my fourth year, I seek to push my efforts to new heights and discover new ways to release my full potential.”

Wes Talbott

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