Product Review: Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet (CTH670)

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet (CTH670) Box
Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or digital illustrator, having a Wacom pen tablet is a must!

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or digital illustrator, having a Wacom pen tablet is a must! I received my Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet a couple of years ago, and it has really made my life easier. It cuts down time spent on projects, which has helped me optimise the efficiency of my workflow as a freelance graphic designer. Knowing that I can complete projects faster gives me more confidence to take on more projects, which means more profit!

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet (CTH670)

At 10.9” x 6.9” it is lightweight, easy to use, and very affordable ranging from $95 to $140. I’ve found that it works best when it’s set on a flat surface and turned horizontally, with the USB cable facing your computer. The tablet also has three keys on its thin surface that function as right and left clicking, like on a mouse, but the third key is simply a quick way to turn the “touch mode” on or off. With that being said I really appreciate the simplicity of this tablet, and from the start I have never felt overwhelmed.

The pen is great because it doesn’t require batteries or charging, and the multifunction of being able to draw with one end and erase with the other is awesome! It has a button which allows for right-clicking (especially useful when wanting to change your brush size in Photoshop), as well as over 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Having never used a tablet before, the pen sensitivity took me a little time to get accustomed to, but after about a week of using it, it felt more natural than the finger pad on my Macbook Pro. I usually have my pressure set slightly more to the sensitive side, to avoid having to crush my pen tip to the tablet since I use a lot of constant brush-stroking motions. I also use it for designing logos and doing vector art that require curvy shapes or lines for my graphic design projects. It’s just like using pen and paper.

When doing office type of work such as Word or Excel documents, it’s more practical and efficient to use a mouse since the tablet’s purpose is more for design and creative projects. However, if you’re a designer or a creative, the Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet is a great way to explore and utilise digital media capabilities. I highly recommend this tablet as a useful tool for taking your creative skills to the next level and maximising your time!

Review by Lauren Leslie


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