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OneOfAKind: The Holy Grail of Photography

OneOfAKind - The Holy Grail Of Photography

Many photographers know the problem: only when we’re on vacation can we visit interesting places and take amazing pictures. But is that really true? The smartphone app “OneOfAKind” proves you wrong!

What is the OneOfAKind app?

This application is designed to find beautiful places right around your doorstep. It’s basically a network of photographers sharing their beloved locations with others.

OneOfAKind APP

So how does it actually work?

The handling is simple: you search by name, subjectm or photographer for great locations in your vicinity. A modern and clean user interface guarantees an easy approach. The app works with Google Maps and GPS data so you’ll definitely find your destination.

Features of the app

  • You can “heart” a place to show everyone that the location has quality.
  • Locations are ranked based on the number of hearts they have received.
  • Information can be shared about equipment, filters, weather, sun positions.
  • Hints can also be shared.
  • Places can be favourited so you can quickly return to it.

OneOfAKind APP

The faces behind OneOfAKind

The OneOfAKind app is developed by the OneOfAKind Adventures team; the official founder is Timothy Pulton. They host small to mid-sized travel groups where they lead photographers to amazing locations, all while sharing their knowledge.

Now they want to bring their experience of the landscape to the app – OneOfAKind teams up with professional photographers around the world to create a global map of interesting geodata which we can all profit from.

Get Involved!

OneOfAKind is an app that is based upon a community. Photographers being part of that community is vital for its success.

Currently more than 250 photographers have joined as contributors and marked over 1000 locations. Whilst this is clearly impressive, it’s not enough for a global app. Therefore founder Timothy Poulton encourages photographers to be contributors. You can contribute via

Article as seen on the 7th edition of Designn Magazine:
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