10 Creative ways to Save Money

10 creative ways to save money

 At a glance this article may seem out of place on this magazine. But our goal is to help people apply creativity in every aspect of their lives; and in that ballpark this is as relevant as it gets.

1. Try the envelope system

Dave Ramsey’s envelope system is all about taking accountability for your own money. Cold hard cash will help you stick to a budget; but it’s not always feasible (or safe) to carry around an envelope full of money.
  1. Make a monthly budget and print out some fake cash (you could use free educational printable money) and put it in an envelope.
  2. Now for each time you pay; whether it’s through a debit card, cash or an automated bill; take the equivalent out of the envelope.
  3.  This does feel like a lot of double work – but actually seeing your expenses being taking out of your monthly budget will make your feel more accountable for it than any of the alternatives (such as maintaining a spreadsheet for example).
If you don’t believe me try it for a month and feel it working for yourself.

2. Hooked on fancy coffee?

Espresso Coffee Maker

Buy yourself an expensive coffee machine. The average price of a fancy coffee from Starbucks will cost you $3.45. That’s atleast $800 in coffee per year where as your coffee machine will make you great coffee and pay itself off in about 50 days!

3. Saving & Banking 

Piggy Bank with Dollars
Find yourself a bank which offers you more benifits like no ATM fees, better interest rates on savings and fewer service charges. You could also ask your company to split your pay to your savings and chequing account; so that you automatically save monthly. Also never use credit cards that have fees.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Intelligent consumers repair.
Intelligent consumers repair. Period.

5. Paint Your Roof White

Close-up shot of Bermudan Man Limewashing a roof
A study shows that painting a 1,000 square foot home’s roof white could save 10 metric tons of CO2; which also means a 10-15% drop in the cost of air-conditioning.

6. Stay healthy.


Take care of yourself and stay fit to avoid those hefty medical bills.

7. Try the 30 day rule

Wait 30 days before you buy something you don’t necessarily need. If you still want it at the end of the month then go for it. But more likely than not you’ll  realize you really don’t need it anymore.

8. Shop on Wednesdays

Grocery Coupons

Most stores launch sales mid-week. So go shopping on relatively less crowded Wednesdays and be the first to access the new deals. Also don’t forget your coupons.

9. Sell your stuff online

Sell stuff online and save money

Got something you don’t need? or need an upgrade? Make some extra money and de-clutter at the same time by selling your old stuff online. Try Craigslist.

10. Compare and make bookings online


Use mobile apps to make your hotel bookings and compare prices online to get the best deals. This can also apply for booking air tickets and even everyday items. Try apps like StayAtHand and Roomer for hotels and for other stuff.

11. Hit a food truck for night out!

Food truck

Delicious food for a fraction of the price. E’nuf Said.

One last piece of advice; and it’s not as creative as the rest: Get in the habit of saving money. We’re creatures of habit, set a goal and start saving. Soon you’ll be saving big bucks like clockwork.

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