Youth In Art

Youth In Art

I have clicked through thousands of images representing quality art. DeviantArt remains one of the largest communities that has a broad artist age and talent range.

Most professional artists I come across are in their early twenties or late thirties. They are people I do not know, but I still love their art masterpieces.

Then came Esgalor, and my perspective on the talents of youth have indulged me to discover what youth can really offer to the world of art. Sweet, hardworking, and willing to take on opportunities, Esgalor is an example of how art can inspire us to dream and create. Whether she creates magic from the palms of a character’s hands, lifts two characters into the dark sky with a single balloon, or tells epics through art of warriors and dragons, Esgalor’s imagination is an inspiration to those who dream beyond normal realms.

She is only 15 years of age, and this artist has worked hard to take art to the next level. She creates beautiful character art with more expression and detail than I could ever hope to achieve in my life. From nature to family, Esgalor’s inspiration is relatable to ours. She learned to draw horses from her father, and human anatomy from her sister. I wish I had her skills, but I am not jealous in the least. Why? Because she performs what she intends. By expressing feelings through art, “you are giving a ‘soul’ to that drawing”, Esgalor informed me. “A drawing is not only picking up a pencil and starting to draw, it’s another medium where you can show how you feel”. Unbelievably, part of that “soul” spoke out to me, and I found myself in love with her art.

Even if she did not draw at the level she draws now, Esgalor would still be drawing. Art is not all about “drawing good”; there are ways in which an artist can display work to appeal to any audience. Art is about the expression, fun, and hard work involved when creating an art piece. Everyone has room to improve. We all have heard young artists defeat their own self-esteem, but as long as the path to making art is open, everyone has a gift.

“I want the people to draw without fear. If you love something, do it! If you don’t get the results you expected, keep practicing. That’s something I do with my drawings. I always try to learn and improve with each drawing I do,” Esgalor firmly stated.

Youth in art brings us closer to our dreams.

You can visit her gallery at


By Adam Lewis LaValley

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