Interview with Whendell Souza

Whendell Souza

24-year-old photomanipulation artist and design student based in Brazil.

What was your first encounter with art in general and when did you first come in contact with photomanipulation?

Since I was a little kid I always liked to draw and paint. Over time I discovered that I was able to create my art digitally and I never looked back.

Several things inspire me in my art process: films, games, music, and nature. When I’m lacking inspiration I try to watch a movie; fantasy and science fiction movies are certainly my favourites!

Whendell Souza
How long have you been creating art, and how often do you practice?

I started photomanipulation in 2010 and I continue to practice it every day – at least when my schedule allows it.

What makes a good photomanipulation?

It’s important that all stock images are of a high quality and that they work together harmoniously. Quality is definitely important, e ven for a minor feature, as low-grade stock can reduce the appeal of an entire piece.

You’re obviously very talented in your area. Do you work professionally? Is it your only source of income?

I’m currently in design colleges studying to become a professional, but I’ve already had several commercial projects, including book covers.

How has your experience with DeviantArt been so far? Who are your 5 favourite Deviants?

DeviantArt has been a wonderful place for me so far! I love sharing my work with my friends and I admire many artists.

It is hard for me to only nominate five people since DevianArt has so many outstanding members, but here we go:

• MichaelO
• Paulo-Bert
• Lady-Symphonia
• EricShoemaker
• neverdying

These artists really inspire me through their technique and creative way of thinking.

Describe your art! Which genres do you prefer?

Well, I love creating worlds! Creating the impossible – the unthinkable – that is what I love! My favourite genre to work in is definitely fantasy and science fiction, but I always try to venture into other art styles too because I appreciate all of them.

Whendell Souza

Why should people become artists?

I think everyone should do what they love. I personally love making art, and sharing it. To me art is a real pleasure which fills me with joy.

Do you have any knowledge you want to pass on to photomanipulation beginners?

Beginners of photomanipulation should set a personal goal and never give up on it. Improve your techniques as much as you can and always try to push it to the next level.

This started with you, so it ends with you. What makes you special and why should we remember you? What are your goals and what can we expect from you in the future?

I guess my wide variety of styles (fantasy, sci-fi, surrealism) make me an interesting artist. My main goal for the future is to keep creating art and to do the best I can while improving and sharing my art experience with everyone!

Thank you for this interview Whendell!

We hope to see more art from you in the future and wish you good luck on your artistic journey.

Meet him on DevantART:

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