Interview with Ross

Interview with Ross

Are you looking for someone to bolster your art spirit? Make your body melt in awe at a piece of art? Looking for someone who has time to speak to you, and make you feel like you matter? Look no further than DeviantArt’s Ross-86. Sweet as can be, and still making room to improve, she will not disappoint her friends and watchers with her kind nature or her art!

Ross is a very good friend of mine. Out of all the artists I wanted to interview, I believe Ross earns the right to have her voice spoken first, for the wonderful person she is!
Do you have a nickname in the art world?

I will always be “Ross” in the art world. My closest friends have called me Ross since I was 15, so this is my real name, even if my mother calls me differently!

Interview with Ross

How long have you been serious about creating art?

I’ve always made art for fun. It was my way of taking a break from real life. When I first discovered DeviantArt I used it to showcase my drawings, but one day I met Zio-san and he introduced me to paid work! I have to thank him for everything; he’s actually my first manager.

But yes, I think it was one year ago that I started drawing seriously.

What art medium do you specialise in?

Actually, I’m still specialising in digital drawing; I use a tablet and Paint Tool Sai. I’ve also done traditional art with watercolours, pencils, real brushes and so on.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I always take inspiration from other artists; trying to do the same they do is a good way to improve. Sites which allow me to see a list of images, such as Pinterest or Society6, also help me. Real life also massively inspires me; just sitting on a bench in the park or at the shopping mall, and watching people pass by gets my inspiration sparked.. These are all ways to get new ideas for drawings.

Who is your favourite artist?

I have tons of artists I love! My favourite above all is Alphonse Mucha, the founder of Art Nouveau. On DeviantArt I like: Inma, Neko-Rina, Sakimichan, and so many more.

What is the name of the artwork you chose for this feature? What kind of feelings does this work inspire in you?

Her name is Cotton! She’s my newest creation.

I’m really proud of it, it’s the best I can do at the moment with my level and every time I see it I realise just how much I have improved.

I usually don’t feel confident in drawing real backgrounds, but this time I’m really happy with the flowers and the trees on the back.

Interview with Ross

The purpose of Designn Magazine is to inform and spread art culture around the world. How would you like to be an inspiration to other aspiring artists?

I don’t think I’m good enough to be a real inspiration… but I hope that beginner artists will learn that improving is always possible. They just have to want it, and not worry about how much time it takes. With hard work, everyone can be great!

Is there anyone you would like to thank for all the hard work you have accomplished so far, and expect to accomplish in the future?

Well, I want to thank all the people who have supported me from the beginning: all the watchers I have, my first manager Zio-san, my dad who always supports me from heaven, my Mommy, and my dog!


Interviewed by Adam Lewis LaValley

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