Beauty, Romanticism, and Two Artists

Beauty, Romanticism, and Two Artists
An artist’s story always begins with three important tools: the experience, the mind, and the hand.

An artist’s story always begins with three important tools: the experience, the mind, and the hand.

Writing about artists is a completely different level for me. Writing about a living, feeling human being allows me to search for deeper answers about the world. Artists have the ability to show their feelings visually, and tell me stories with hidden answers about the world.

One such artist on DeviantArt, PiraruChan and Suarez Guillen, has a story like you. Who are Piraru and Suarez Guillen?

“I am working on two very different aspects,” Piraru explained to me. “You could say that ‘PiraruChan’ is the fictional side of me; the innocent girl who wants to pursue art professionally. The other is my realistic side, Suarez Guillen, who is an author dedicated to finding a hidden message; trying through beauty, shapes, and the natural to find even the smallest touches of what makes her.”

An artist’s story always begins with three important tools: the experience, the mind, and the hand. The inspiration to create art starts from an experience, which builds in our mind. We feel pressure to re-imagine or bring new life to the physical world. As time moves forward, we improve and enhance, to satisfy the feelings we are reaching for.

“I still have much to learn, much to work with, and represent. After a while, you may develop your work and feel more as an artist. You can always improve.”

As a child, Piraru found inspiration in manga, comics, magazines, and a real world full of colours. She spent her childhood schooldays at home, indoors, where she could focus on her art. Her selfless love for illustrated characters found a special place in her heart.

With Piraru, we find that even as we age the youth inside us lives on. Is “Piraru” truly fictional if she can bring her youthful fantasies into reality?

I always wondered why I was attracted to the artistic nature of a woman. There is a beauty most of us do not see and appreciate. In Piraru’s story, I came closer to that answer than I would have on my own. Piraru has the love for drawing women, like most artists; however, she draws women for the notable strength a woman represents: the sensuality of the female figure, the beauty, and the intelligent mind.

I was surprised to realize that she is a Romanticist.

“I’ve always been a Romanticist. I think the way they feel life is similar to mine. I love dealing with beauty, the drama in the painting, the dark and hidden path, and the dim light of the candle.”

Piraru is a woman. She is strong, dedicated, and expressive. Her childhood has influenced what she knows now. She sees herself in two lights: the innocent little girl who loves to draw and the mature adult dedicated to finding her own hidden message.

In creating her art and characters, Piraru is still discovering her own character.


By Adam Lewis LaValley

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