Interview with Rose Besch (Freelance Illustrator)

An aspiring artist from Atlanta, Georgia, USA who is most popular for her vibrant character designs and digital art!

When did you start your career in art?
I’ve been posting my work online for a long time now – since 1997 or so – and a few years in, I began receiving commission requests online. I was too insecure about my work to accept many of these requests at first, but around 2004 I decided I should try to make a career of it and just learn along the way.

When/how did you first discover your creative talent?
To be honest, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember! I’m not sure if any one thing in particular spurred my interest in art, but I do remember watching a lot of Disney animated films as a child and loving them to bits, and wishing I could make something similarly beautiful (not necessarily in animation, but something visual that could reach and inspire others.)

Find a way to make art you love – Experiment until you figure out what subject matter and techniques you truly enjoy.
What inspires you to keep creating?
Well, art is what pays my bills, and it’s really the only thing I’m any good at, so if I don’t create, I don’t eat – needing food and money is my main “inspiration”, haha! But, when I have the spare time to create something for myself, I’m often inspired by fashion, pop art, street art, other illustrations…


How would you describe your style of illustrating?
East meets West meets graphic design maybe? I’ve always been fond of both Asian and American comic and cartoon styles, but rather than gravitate towards illustrating large realistic scenes, I’m much more interested in bright colors, strong lines, interesting shapes, patterns and motifs.

How long did it take for you to get to this professional level?
Skill-wise, I’ve been drawing nearly every day for who knows how long – since I love the process of making art, and I get to make art for a living, it hasn’t been terribly hard for me to devote time and energy into developing and improving my techniques.


I just really love creating! I can’t imagine doing anything else.
However, freelancing also requires a lot of networking, self-promotion, brand building and that sort of thing. As an introvert, its been difficult for me to strengthen those aspects of my career; its something I need to work harder on and I wish I had known sooner just how important they are. Perhaps I’d be more successful today as a result.

What message do you have to new artists?
Find a way to make art you love. Experiment until you figure out what subject matter and techniques you truly enjoy. Don’t worry too much about what other people want you to do, or not having enough followers yet – if you genuinely love making art, it’ll show in your work, and the more you create and learn, the more your work will improve. The more your work improves, the more followers and recognition you’ll get. Being skilled and successful doesn’t come overnight, so you need to stay motivated to keep creating in the meantime – loving your process makes it that much easier. And, once you do make art into your career, if you’re creating what you enjoy every day, your job will be one that fulfills you rather than completely drains you!

What program do you use to create art?
Photoshop CC and a 6×8″ Wacom Intuos3 (old!) for digital work. Sometimes I use a Surface Pro as a supplementary tablet. For traditional work, I normally use Copics.

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